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Nataliya Nikolenko,

Traditional Petrykivka Artist, Sarnia, Canada.

Photo : Nataliya's archive.


"Tell us about yourself ?

I was born in Dnipro city, Ukraine, disabled from my childhood, Arthrogryposis of upper and lower limbs. First, it was Parents' refusal and orphanage, after that an elderly home, where I lived for very long time. 

At the age of 16 I got acquainted with Petrykivka painting for the very first time. At the age of 19 in 2006 I received the Pride of the Country award in the Power of Spirit category for my paintings that I paint holding a brush in my mouth, supporting it with my teeth..."

Painting by Nataliya Nikolenko

"Do you remember how you found out that what you do is the right path for you?

All my life I have fought for my happiness and for my place in this world to be equal to the people around me. My work helped me survive, filled me with love and meaning."

Painting by Nataliya Nikolenko

"If your phone could ring right now with your dream opportunity, what would that be?

I see my paintings at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. Museum of Contemporary Art (MoMA) and Guggenheim Art Museum."

You can read the whole interview with Nataliya Nikolenko in one of our June 2022 Editions


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