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Marz Court

A fantasy costume designer and writer, Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo Tanya Mishchuk

"How would you describe your designs/style?

My style is very much feminine, fantasy warriors. Everything from leather armour to body chains and everything in between."

"What is the project you are most proud of completing?

In 2019 I self published a collection of illustrated short fantasy stories called The Darkness Within. It was the culmination of nearly two years work. I wrote all the stories, and designed and created all the costumes. I then collaborated with a number of photographers, digital artists, models and make-up artists to create the images, most of which were photographs.

Which one was the most challenging, and why?

My current long-term project is proving to be the most challenging. It is another collection of illustrated short fantasy stories, however, this time I am collaborating with survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. They tell me their story, and I re-imagine it as a fantasy story, but with a happy ending. I then design and create a costume for them, and work with photographers and make-up artists to create a final image for them and their story. The idea behind it is to show them how strong, courageous and amazing they are, to not only have survived, but thrived.

It has been the most challenging for two main reasons..."

You can read the whole interview with Marz Court in our December 2021 Edition.

From the Mayan Series
Model: Gal Hochman
Character and Costume Creator: Marz Court
Photographer, Digital Artist and MUA: Vanessa Wood /Suede Studios/

My Father's Daughter from The Darkness Within book
Character and Costume Creator: Marz Court
Model/ MUA: Nowfia Naheeda Kamal
Photographer: Charlotte E. Johnson

To contact Marz Court:

You can order The Darkness Within book here


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