Where can I buy The Feature Magazine?

All The Feature Magazine editions available from TA publishing via Peecho and MagCloud platforms.

You can find the direct link to the exact copy you are after here and get it from the platform that you prefer to use for purchasing.

Which platform should I order from?

Both platforms ship worldwide, but some countries might be excluded from one or another shipping list. If you cannot find your country in MagCloud shipping list, check Peecho and vice versa. 


My country is in both lists, which platform should I use?
If your country is in both platforms shipping lists, the shipping cost might still be different on each, depending on your location. We would suggest you to check both platforms before making your final decision to see what might work for you the best.


How long does it take to get my copy delivered?

For copies ordered from MagCloud, it can take about 14 days to countries outside the US.

If you wish to order your copy from Peecho, you can see an estimated shipping time here  

Purchasing  F.A.Q.

Find your country

on Peecho website,

to get up to date

shipping information

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Find your country

on MagCloud website,

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shipping information

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What type of paper The Feature Magazine is printed on?


Magazine specifications.

Cover coating: Glossy

Cover paper type: Full color, laminated softcover, 250gsm

Content paper types: 115 gsm silk paper 

Binding type: Perfect bound


"All our paper is acid-free and FSC-certified, which means it's from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. Our publications are also recyclable, making it easy on consumers and the environment.

For MagCloud publications with Perfect Binding, the cover is printed on 80# cover stock and the interior pages are printed on 80# text stock.

Ultra Violet (UV) coating is applied over ink printed on paper and dried by exposure to UV lighting. This type of coating gives publications an added sheen and is more durable, thus protecting them from normal wear and tear. Perfect binding options include a UV coating on the front and back covers of the publication."

Are there any Volume Discounts available?

Yes. Both platforms offer Volume Discounts:


5-14 items - 10% discount

15-49 items - 15% discount

50-99 items - 20% discount

100-249 items - 25% discount

250 or more items - 30% discount


1-9 COPIES - Base Price
10-49 COPIES - 15%
50-99 COPIES - 20%
100+ COPIES - 25%


If I ordered the wrong edition what can be done?

Within the first hour after an order has been placed, a Cancel link will be visible next to the order number on your Order History page (you can check the status of your order from the Order History tab on your Account page).
But have in mind, the order will no longer be available to cancel after it was sent to the printer, or the PDF of a digital publication has been downloaded. 

The order goes directly to the print queue at Peecho printing partners. They charge Peecho handling fee, even if  the order does not get put to the press. Because of that Peecho is not able to cancel the order.  Please be extra careful when ordering. Peecho do not offer refunds. 
When ordering from Peecho, we would suggest you do it from desktop, rather than smartphone, desktop allows you to see more information of what edition it is on Peecho's checkout page.

As we do not deal with printing and distribution of the publication ourselves we have no opportunity to offer you any assistance in such case. So please, double check the content of the Edition before ordering, no matter which platform you'll choose. You can see the content of the each Edition by clicking on its Cover on this page

Thank You for considering to purchase The Feature Magazine!

We appreciate your support.

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