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Eduard Todor,

Professional magician. Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk


"Tell us about your yourself and your brand?

I am a Romanian born magician, living in New Zealand. The type of magic I perform is close up sleight of hand, where I prefer to work up close and if possible in your own hands. 

What do you like the most about what you do? is the connection that I get to have with the audience... It bridges all cultural barriers, language differences, or age gaps. Whether magic is experienced in remote mountain villages in the Himalayas, or in the tropical paradise that is Solomon Islands, my experience has shown that people connect in the same way. Magic touches something deeply human, which I very much enjoy exploring."

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

"What is the project you're the most proud of completing?

When I was visiting in Solomon Islands, I wanted to perform for the locals, with objects they would find familiar. I spent the majority of my holiday trying to come up with a way to get a chosen card to appear in a sealed pack of cigarettes. It was a real challenge. On my last night, I..."

You can read the whole interview with Eduard Todor in one of our April 2022 Editions

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

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