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Alex Sound

Creative entrepreneur,

Sound engineer, Music producer, Acoustician,

Song writer, Creative director . Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk


"Tell us about your yourself and your brand?

I am Ukrainian-New Zealander creative entrepreneur, sound engineer, music producer, acoustician, song writer, creative director with the experience of working in sound recording, music video production, event organising.

What do you like the most about what you do?

Creativity itself. And how you can express yourself through the art, without limiting yourself with ways and methods of expression. And collaborations with incredibly talented people..."

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

"What is the project you're the most proud of completing?

There are two projects that I’d like to mention.

One of them is...

Another one is... our new sound recording studio in Auckland, New Zealand. My dream was to create a studio that got a control room with unique custom built monitoring system with reach, true and nearly ideal sound quality and we were able to achieve that as well as to construct a cosy and at the same time bright studio room that is especially great for recording drums and vocal."

You can read the whole interview with Alex Sound in one of our May Editions

You can get in touch with Alex Sound via Facebook


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