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Nataliya Tsyganok

Texture artist, Graphic designer and Traditional artist

Photo Peter Syomka


"What is the project you are most proud of completing?

As a graphic designer I had the opportunity of working for the biggest dairy company in Ukraine. They loved my designs and kept them unchanged for several years, which was very flattering for me as a designer.

I was also happy to get 3rd place in the 5th Kiev International Advertising Festival with my Logo. I am proud of some of my texture painting work too.

Which one was the most challenging, and why?

All the projects I was working on were exciting in some ways. It is really hard to choose which one was more challenging. There is always a challenge in a way for each project more or less I guess. Sometimes it is a lack of time, sometimes some technical restrictions or difficulties. As a texture artist I worked on some big Hollywood movies. The most challenging and interesting one for me was Avatar, also the Tin Tin movie. It is also challenging but satisfying to get back to the traditional drawing techniques after doing only CG art for a long time. There is no luxury of Ctrl + Z in real life and this is a challenge indeed!..."

You can read the whole interview with Nataliya Tsyganok in one of our January 2022 Editions

Kiwi Girl by Natalia Tsyganok

Alena by Natalia Tsyganok


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