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“GLOW” (2022) shows us a collection of sensual and surreal photos. There’s a kind of drama about Rodríguez´s work and sexuality in his images.

In this series about provocation, surrealism is meant to amuse as much as intrigue, divert as much as a shock, and make us question our reactions. The dance pose to the camera with elegance and self-confidence in a natural context from the Canary Island of La Palma, a land of volcanoes that contrasts with the colour of their dresses

They seemed like happy victims of his camera, except when they were presented as actual victims with their powerful makeup and incredibly vivid lipstick. Their appearance is often a pastiche of normal fashionability. They frequently look like perfectly painted toys. There is an unexpected juxtaposition of sophistication and utilitarianism but it is also meant to encourage us to question our preconceptions and ask why a woman should not behave as this one is doing.


Model: Nieves Padrón @lachicadelaentrada

Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist: Nazaret Rodriguez @nazaret_rcerezo

Photographer: David Rodriguez @davidofficialclub

Dresses design by Nazaret Rodríguez @nazaret_rcerezo

Earring design by David Rodríguez @davidofficialclub


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