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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Rodríguez show.

“Show" (2021) is a series inspired by the circus. In it we can see how each of the models represents a circus character: a tamer, a juggler and a harlequin.

When you go to the circus, you enter a parallel world, a fantasy world made to entertain us. The same thing happens with fashion, which allows you to transform yourself into something new and which can be fun.

Enjoy the show.

Team credits:

Photographer: David Rodriguez @davidofficialclub

Models: Patricia Botrán @patricia_botran, Leticia Gonzalez @leticiagonzalezconcepcion

Makeup Artist and Dresses design: Nazaret Rodriguez @nazaret_rcerezo


David Rodríguez was born and raised on the island of La Palma. To many people, this may sound exotic, but to him, it has always been "normal." Although he admits that living surrounded by water can be unique, determines how to think, act, and create.

After studying for a degree in Psychology at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife), he went to Valencia where he lived and worked for 10 years. It was there that he discovered the world of photography. Although he had always been attracted to the art world in general, it was not until 2013 when he began to train in this artistic discipline.

Meticulous to the point of exhaustion, David Rodríguez does not like improvisation or leaving anything to chance. “I plan each of my sessions thoroughly, down to the last detail. I start my creative process from an idea, which can be a concept, the stanza of a song, the sequence of a movie or a photograph that I have seen. This initial idea matures until it takes shape ”.

He loves surreal and fashion photography. His main influences are Guy Bourdin, Wille Christie, Man Ray and Joe Gaffney. One day he discovered a photo of Guy Bourdin that fascinated him enormously. In the picture, there was a girl under the water with her eyes and mouth open. David was enthralled with this image instantly and used it as inspiration for his first works.

Currently, he combines his work as a psychologist with photography.


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