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Luke Hurley

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter. Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk


"How would you describe your style?

...The style that I play lends itself to reflective, poetic kind of lyrics, and I kinda prefer that to the standard euphoric fast cars and general rock 'n' roll theme, so I prefer more introspective type exploration when it comes to lyrics you combining acoustic music with kind of poetry..."

"What do you like the most about what you do?

What I do is basically simple, write and play and what I discovered early on was I loved to write and play, and I was very private, and I just wanted to record and have a marketing company share my music to people. That was my dream. My dream was to be able to work in isolation and not have to socialise, but what I discovered..."

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

"Do you remember how you found out that what you do is the right path for you?

Well, being told by someone who had greatly appreciated after my show.


He said to me: "It's good to meet someone who is doing what they're meant to be doing"."

You can read the whole interview with Luke Hurley in our December 2022 Anniversary Edition You can get in touch with Luke Hurley:


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