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IN THE SPOTLIGHT GERHARD LOTTERMOSER of the Gerhard's Whau Pa Kabarette.

Gerhard Lottermoser,


founder of Gerhard’s Whau Pa Kabarette,

Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa.

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

" Tell us about yourself.

Happy with little, blessed with the ability to appreciate everyone and everything and an utter lack of ambition, I still believe that doing nothing, or at least as little as possible, is the most responsible course of “action” in the face of rampant consumerism and the work-status mindset, so detrimental to life on this planet.

Which is why I am not a little surprised to find myself, at the ripe old age of 62, already out of bed on a Sunday morning typing on my wife’s old laptop, wracking my poor starveling brain over what to say. About myself..."

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

" What do you like most about what you do?

    Freedom, invention, sharing, joy, complete surrender to the moment and the ability to decorate time and time again. When you play music that’s all there is and when you play with others the portal just widens and when you have an audience that responds to you, we all step through together, cosmic entwinement, kaleidoscoping space and time. For real. Then you add the..."

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

" What is the project you’re most proud of completing?

    A professionally produced album of 12 songs, spanning a period of 20 years of writing material and recording demos. With the help of some very talented muso friends and my producer we have managed to create a unique blend of sounds and vibes that appeals to anyone with a taste for quirkiness and heart. A veritable smorgasm of sonic serendipities, “Gerhard’s Whau Pa Kabarette”. Where else can you listen to 18 voices yodelling accompanied by contra-bass clarinet and the trumpeting of SOS in morse code? Yup. Vitriol anyone? Now with added colostrum!..."

Photo: Tanya Mishchuk

You can read the whole interview with Gerhard Lottermoser of the Gerhard’s Whau Pa Kabarette, in our March 2024 Edition


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