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Anna Senik /creative pseudonym Ładna Kobieta/,

Ethno-Photographer. Kyiv, Ukraine.

In War Time: fighter of the Armed Territorial Defense

Model: Valentina Fedorenko

Ethno-photographer: Anna Senik

Costume: Eduard Krutko, Olena Didyk

Location: Ethnographic collection "Tree"


"Tell us about your yourself and your brand.

...In my work I use authentic traditional clothing and jewellery, I work with museums, collectors, and ethnographers."

"What do you like the most about what you do?

An opportunity to revive the history. Those characters, that came to us with old photographs, paintings and engravings, by combination of people and antique garments they become a reality. It is magic."

"Which one (project) was the most challenging, and why?

Post-factum the “UIA*. Love " became difficult for me, a story about the feelings and sad farewell of the couple during the war. We created it in 2013, and a year later it became a reality: Russian military aggression began, women had to see off their men to the war. A terrible feeling of repeating the story.

(editor's note - *UIA /Ukrainian Insurgent Army/ armed liberation force, that during World War II fought against both Nazi Germany and Soviet Union for the establishment of a united, independent national state on Ukrainian ethnic territory.)."

You can read the whole interview with Anna Senik in one of our March 2022 Editions

Harvest Lady

Model: Kateryna Kibenko

© ethno-photographer Anna Senik

Costume: Eduard Krutko, Olena Didyk


© ethno-photographer Anna Senik

Model: Olga Vinogradova

Costume: Olena Didyk

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