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Ron Dyce Partners With SFW RUNWAY For First Exclusive NYFW Show.

by Nora Mohammed


SFW Runway

Black construction businessman, Ron Dyce, enters into the luxury fashion space to design well-constructed pieces and shoes to rival Louboutin.

New York, New York December 19th, 2022 -- 56% of Fashion executives are not optimistic about 2023 in fashion, and many fashion houses are expected to slow down on showcasing their collections. To show solidarity with new designers, SFW Runway has partnered with an emerging designer with a construction background, Ron Dyce to produce a NYFW show. The designer of the patented 24 karate gold leather soles will be showcasing a combination of collections on February 12th in his solo runway show. America's Next Top Model runner-up is expected to host the exclusive event with music provided by DJ Barry Blends. Early access to tickets are available.

After having a successful year with his designs modeled in magazines such as Glamour and Harper Bazaar, Ron Dyce will be debuting his "Ultimate Collection" during New York Fashion Week in Brooklyn. The designer has chosen to partner with SFW Runway to produce the February 12th show. The show will be co-hosted by Bianca Golden of America's Next Top Model and industry producer Ray DeJON. WBLS & Hot97 radio DJ, DJ Barry Blends is making an appearance to provide musical selections. Ron Dyce has enlisted the aesthetics of celebrity stylist, Yachi who will be curating the collection to bring the designer’s vision to life.

This is Ron Dyce's first solo NYFW show. He is expected to debut spring, summer, fall & winter during NYC Fashion Week, making Dyce one of the only designers to present all collections at one show. According to the event details, Ron Dyce is expected to debut a record number of 50+ looks during a high-end luxury show. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the designer behind the Gold bottom heel that is rivaling Louboutin's red bottoms. The show is ideal for those seeking to elevate personal style by wearing Black-owned high-end luxury designers.

SFW Runway has showcased Ron Dyce's past collections alongside other designers. While Dyce has presented streetwear designs in past runway shows, this solo show introduces NYFW to the many styles of Ron Dyce. "This is more than producing a show for Ron Dyce. This is putting a year's worth of designs in front of prospective buyers and influencers who may be familiar with his work from past shows. We get the opportunity to give him the platform to present his luxury pieces."

In tandem with Ron Dyce's private show, SFW RUNWAY has announced producing a show dedicated to HipHop's 50th anniversary. The runway production company is committed to giving a platform to designers utilizing fashion's most prominent days.

In a recent poll taken by Business of Fashion (BoF), Fashion executives do not believe the current conditions of fashion will evolve. This leaves an opportunity for new and emerging independent brands to showcase their unique collections.

Those planning to attend New York Fashion Week can access tickets to Ron Dyce "Ultimate Collection" show using the designer's official link.

About SFW Runway

SFW RUNWAY is a platform created to offer emerging designers a voice during New York and LA Fashion Week. The platform is self-funded and run by Naomi Alabi(Founder) who is looking to collaborate with platforms whose mission aligns with hers.

Streetstyle designers bring something different to fashion week as their pieces are ready to wear; representative of how everyday people interpret fashion trends in the street. The audience that attends our shows are so diverse; we are unique in that way. bringing old, and young people of all races and background come together in the name of Streetstyle

About Ron Dyce:

Ronald Dyson was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he spent most of his childhood years. Enjoying many hobbies such as drawing was right at the top of the list, and is where he became an exceptional artist. In his early teenage years, he moved to Virginia where he studied agriculture. In the mid-90s he moved back to NewYork where he discovered his passion for fashion while starting his own construction company.

Ronald's niche for fashion was inspired by his New York roots and his travels throughout the world. Ronald’s greatest influence was from his father, with his sharp style from his tailor-made clothes and custom suits.

Nearly 3 decades later Rondyce was born in 2019, where he combines some of the finest and most luxurious fabrics that all come to appreciate. Ron Dyce is defining Luxury and Elegance as he incorporated modern, future, and timeless style into every piece, from his patented 24 karate Gold leather soles to every women's shoe to the sharp lapel of his silk blazers. Ron Dyce soon will be in everyone's staple.

SFW Runway

Creative Director: SFW RUNWAY

Publicist: Nora Mohammed

Producer: Nami Alabi


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